Here you will learn how to make your very own Ouija board right at home! The best type of people to play the Ouija board with are ones who are open minded. People who are too skeptical usually ruin the experience. You should treat this board with respect while you are using it. Rely on your instincts and if anything starts to feel to uncomfortable, just put the board away for another time. Use this board wisely.

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can go about making your own home made Ouija board, and I will describe my favorite.

Things you will need to make the Ouija board

  • A standard sized sheet of paper or cardboard, or just something around the same size you can write on.
  • A printer (not neccessary if you are drawing your own board, but its much easier to just use the picture I have provided and print it out)
  • Any color marker, or pen.
  • A glass, or cup, or anything that resembles a planchette. You can create one yourself if you want by printing out the picture I have provided, or just draw your own and cut out the hole, you will need scissors for that.

Ouija Planchette Pictures
Ouija Planchette

Ouija Board Picture
How To Make Your Own Ouija Board

If you are printing it out, just go ahead and click the picture and print it out. If you are making it yourself, take whatever you are drawing it on and draw it exactly how you see in the picture. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just make sure all the letters and words are there and in the general location they are in the original picture.

The same goes for the planchette, if you are printing it out just go ahead and click the picture, and then print it out. If you are making it yourself, try to draw the general shape of it, and then cut it out. Then draw the hole into it, and cut the hole out.

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