1. Here you will find instructions on how to play the Ouija board. Be careful with this game, and make sure to play it with people who are open the experience.
  2. You should find a nice private place where you and the other participants will be able to concenrate. A quiet place works well. Bedrooms, basements, are preferable.
  3. Select the person who will act as the medium for this session. This person will be asking the questions. Make sure they are a calm, collected person.
  4. Pick a person to use the board that you can trust.
  5. Pick another person who will take down notes and write down whatever questions and answers you get.
  6. Make sure to talk everything out before you start. Discuss what questions you will be asking, and how you will all react to what happens.
  7. Turn some of the lights off, or just dim them. Dont make the room too dark though , you still want to be able to read what is on the board. Candles work well.
  8. Take the medium and the assistant and sit them next to each other so that their knees are touching. This can be on the floor with their legs crossed, or in chairs that face each other.
  9. Have the note taker sit next to the assistant and the medium so the board is easily visible to them. If there are other people, tell them to sit around the board in a circle. It is important that they are in a circle.
  10. Take the board and put it on the assistants, and the mediums laps.
  11. The medium now takes the planchette and moves it around the board with both hands to warm it up. They should announce that the reading is about to begin, and should ask everyone else to be respectful and have an open mind about what is about to happen.
  12. Start it off by having both participants lightly put their fingers from both hands on the planchette.
  13. Start with the first question, and make sure you are using a calm, and clear voice. It is best to start with a few questions that are simple, and can be answered with a simple yes or no.
  14. Be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for the board to warm up. The planchette might move slowly when you start, and pick up speed later on. It might end up going so fast that you are scared to continue.
  15. When the planchette points to a certain letter, read it out and make sure the note taker is writing is down.
  16. You should wait to ask the next question until the planchette has completely stopped moving.
  17. When you want to finish the session, make sure you have the medium announce something along the lines of “We are now ending this session, and no more contact will happen from us. Thank you. Goodbye”.
  18. Store the planchette and the Ouija board in their box, and put them away.
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