Ouija Board Movie

Latest information about the Ouija Board Movie

The movie is currently on hold after Universal Pictures decided to pass on the film. Originally it looked like they were going to take on this project, but it turns out they were not and so for right now the movie is on hold.

The movie was set to be produced by Michael Bay and directed by McG, and had been working its way through the studio since 2008 when the studio signed a deal with Hasbro and Milton Bradley.

There was a rumor that Simon Kinberg, who wrote Sherlock Holmes was going to be writing the script for this movie, but he decided to pass on it.

Sources inside the inner circles are saying that Michael Bay and McG are currently shopping the movie around with other studios to see if there is any interest.

If anything new develops you will be able to read about it here, so keep us bookmarked and check back frequently.

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