About Ouija Boards – Ouija Board Informatin

The Ouija board got it’s name from the German and French words for “yes”, “ja”, and “oui”. It has many other names like a “talking board”, or a “spirit board”. It is basically just a flat board that has letters, numbers, and symbols, and is used by most people as a means to communicate with spirits. It uses a movable piece with a hole in it that spells out messages on the board, usually during a seance. The people participating in the seance place their fingers on the movable piece, sometimes known as a planchette, and it then moves around the board to spell out messages.

Parker Brothers currently hold the trademark for Ouija.

It was commercially introduced in the 1890′s by a business man named Elijah Bond. It was commonly known as a harmless game and had no relation to the occult. This all changed during the first World War, when Pearl Curran, an American Spiritualist, made it popular around his people. According to the Christian church, there are many who believe it is a tool used by people in the occult, and associate it with demonic possession.

Most people who believe in what the Ouija does claim that its power comes from the supernatural, or the paranormal. However most debunkers say that it is easily explained by the phenomenon knows as the ideomotor effect, which is unconscious movements of the people controlling the planchette. It still remains very popular among younger people.

The Ouija board has inspired many words of literature, and movies. There was a poem written by Sylvia Plath called “Ouija”. The book “The Ghost of Flight 401″, written by John Fuller, was inspired by his experiences using an Ouija board. Probably the most popular, and widely known use of the Ouija board comes from the novel “The Exorcist”.

There have been many famous, and notable people who have used the Ouija board. Some of these people include..

  • James Merill – Poet – Used the board for many years and included his results in some of his work.
  • Romano Prody – Italian Prime Minister.
  • Bill Wilson – Cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • George Noory – Radio host of Coast 2 Coast AM
  • The Mars Volta – Musicians, used an Ouija board to write some of the songs on their album “Bedlam in Goliath”

Other names also include Alice Cooper, Brandon Flowers, and many others.